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Race & Equity Steering CommitteeThe ISCA Race and Equity Steering Committee was developed by the 2020 executive board and is comprised of school counseling Race and Equity advocates from across the state of Illinois. The steering committee is tasked with providing feedback to the executive board to ensure that the organization is implementing anti-racist and equitable practices for both members of the board and members within the organization. Stephanie Miller-Henderson - Chair 
Cultivating the Counselor Experience  This committee is responsible for the engagement of ISCA with all members. The committee is exploring creative ways to listen to members and to express how much ISCA membership is valued by the organization. Brian Coleman - Chair
Pamela Nehrke
Amanda Szaraz
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Supporting the Profession of School Counseling This committee is responsible for ISCA Advocacy efforts including reaching out to legislators, collaborating with other professional organizations (IACAC, CPS, ISBE, etc.) The committee also serves as a liaison with ISCA Chapter and Reigion Reps from across the state. The committee is exploring creative ways to advocate for ISCA members and the school counseling procession. Allyson Adams - Chair
John Casey
Giluliana Scardina
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Engaging in Professional Development This committee is responsible for all the professional development for ISCA. We not only plan the annual ISCA Conference, but many other in-person and virtual trainings throughout the year. We also create blogs, articles and how-to videos. Our goal is to create meaningful and relevant professional development for Illinois School Counselors. We meet virtually every other Monday at 6pm. Noelle Rizzio - Chair
Nikita Odom
TaRael Kee
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Sharing our Stories This committee is responsible for communicating with ISCA membership the great work of ISCA and the amazing impact school counselors have on the lives of their students. This committee is responsible for the ISCA Awards and the ISCA Student Scholarship. The committee is exploring other ways to highlight the voice of Illinois School Counselors.  Andrea Allen - Chair
Diana Mondragon
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