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Mental Health FundingCreatres checkoff on income tax form for mental health fundingHB 215
FOID Law: Developmentally disabledRepeals requirement LCPCs and others report over 14 with developmental disabilities for denying FOID cardHB 461
Amended to Title protection for school social workers Sets forth qualifications to use the title of "school social worker"  HB 826 - Amendment 1 PDF 5/29/2017
 Lethal Order of ProtectionConfiscation of guns in domestic violence situations  HB 2354 PDF 4/28/2017
 Student AidAllows student aid for undocumented students or students with felony drug convictions  HB 2394 PDF 5/16/2017
Suicide Prevention Training Requires a training on suicide prevention be held every 2 years  HB 2545 PDF 5/28/2017
Prohibits insurance coverage switching mid-year Prohibits health insurance companies from switching coverage mid-year HB 2694 PDF 3/31/2017
Funds School Counselors 1:250 New funding formula for public schools that is evidence based.  HB 2808 PDF 5/15/2017
 Principal Endorsement for School CounselorsAllows school counselor experience to qualify for a principal endorsement  HB 2898 PDF 5/30/2017
 TelemedicineAmends the Medicaid law so that a healthcare professional need not be in the same room as the patient  HB 2907PDF  5/30/2017
 LCPCs telehealth services in shortage areas Insurance code change allows LCPCs to use telehealth services in shortage areas HB 3375 PDF 4/28/2017
 Licensure after convictionsChanges Counselor licensure Act and other to not allow consideration of convictions  HB 3395 PDF 4/28/2017
 LCPCs MedicaidAllows LCPCs to bill Medicaid fee-for-service  HB 3444 PDF 4/28/2017
 Increases sessions from 5 to 8Increases from 5-8 the number of outpatient therapy sessions which may be offered to a minor without parental consent  HB 3709 PDF 5/26/2017

Senate Bills

TopicShort Description Legislation Link PDFLast Action 
 Funds School Counselors 1:250New funding formula for public schools evidence based. School funding Evidence based Funds 1 FTE school counselor per 450 students  SB 1 PDF 5/31/2017
 Lethal Order of ProtectionsConfiscation of guns in domestic violence situations  SB 1291 PDF 5/5/2017
 Student Records ActProvides request to inspect and copy records must be granted no later than 5 business days (rather than 15 school days)  SB 1483 PDF5/31/2017 
 Licensure after convictionssealed records of conviction or arrest and prohibits entities authorized to grant professional licenses  SB 2053 PDF 3/15/2017

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